Steve Stern is a prominent figure in the conservative community, known for his active presence in both media and conservative events. His insightful commentary and unwavering commitment to conservative principles have earned him invitations to numerous high-profile events within the conservative realm.

Stephen has made frequent appearances on various media platforms, sharing his perspectives on election integrity, voter rolls, and the Precinct Strategy during the 2024 political cycle.

Additionally, his participation in conservative gatherings and conferences serves as a testament to his dedication to the conservative cause, where he engages with like-minded individuals and contributes to the ongoing discourse on critical political issues."

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Steve in the Media

Steve Stern's presence in the media has been both influential and informative. He has been a sought-after guest on various television shows, radio programs, podcasts, and news outlets, where he has shared his insights on critical conservative topics, with a particular emphasis on election integrity, voter rolls, and the Precinct Strategy. Some of the most notable shows he has been featured on is:

Steve Bannon's War Room • Real America's Voice • Jovan Hutton Pulitzer's Cut the Crap • The Pete Santilli Show • Sovereign Radio • PINJ News (with Chaplain Gordon Glingenschmitt) • Wayne Allyn Root Raw & Unfiltered • The 40,000 Foot View with Rob and Scott • Java with Just Jody • The Awake Nation • Human Events with Jack Posobiec • and more!