About Steve Stern

Steve Stern is a passionate conservative leader who has dedicated his life to upholding the principles of election integrity and civic responsibility. He has not only created a platform for expressing patriotic fervor but has also become a prominent voice in the conservative movement. He has worked alongside many prominent leaders in the conservative community such as President Trump , Steve Bannon, General Flynn, Mike Lindell and many more.

With a deep commitment to preserving the foundations of American democracy, Stephen Stern has emerged as a leading advocate for election integrity. He firmly believes that fair and secure elections are the bedrock of a functioning democracy. Through his work, he has tirelessly championed efforts to ensure that the electoral process remains free from fraud and manipulation, safeguarding the fundamental right to vote for all citizens.

In addition to his work on election integrity, Stephen Stern is a strong advocate for the Precinct Strategy. He believes that active participation at the grassroots level is the key to bringing about meaningful change in the political landscape. By mobilizing conservatives to engage at the precinct level, he seeks to strengthen the conservative movement's influence on local and national politics.

As a dedicated patriot, Stephen Stern continues to inspire and mobilize conservatives across the nation, reinforcing the importance of active civic engagement and the preservation of America's democratic ideals.

Steve Stern with Steve Bannon